Our Story

Feed their body, feed their mind!

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Born out of curiosity

“Anders and Vivi, you write children’s books??!” 

 ...said our friends, who wondered why we’d been hunkered down in our garage in Vancouver, Canada for too long.

Both of us needed haircuts. We’d missed all the new shows. We told them “Sort of”.

We had to get it out there for the little ones. Growth mindset is powerful magic.

The sooner the kids adopt that magic the better their lives will be.

We learned it the hard way, but future generations can have it easier: through our stories.

It's the smallest decisions...

From fighting bullying at school, changing schools, moving from city to city to immigrating to another country and working numerous jobs to starting multiple businesses, exiting one of them, then failing again and again and STILL finding happiness in the process.

It’s been quite a journey already and this project is the best part of it!

Change is truly the only constant in life.

The sooner we realize that the only thing we control is our reaction to the circumstances, the sooner we learn to take radical responsibility for that and the sooner we start having fun with the daily challenges of life.

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But guess what?

That's all we need. We only control how we react to life situations.

And that’s all that matters. When we learn to have fun with the challenges that come our way, life becomes a fantastic adventure!

We've teamed up with child psychologists, family coaches and countless parents to create a brand new universe where anything is possible.

Our stories are about Mindset Magic - the foundation to a happy life. It’s a lot of fun.

Welcome aboard!

P.S. Yeah, we're just one of those Iconic companies that started in a garage, watch out Disney!)