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Lulu Claps Her Worry Away

Introducing "Lulu Claps Her Worry Away," a captivating addition to the Mindset Magic Series for kids!

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    Heather, Parent, Seattle, WA

    "This book is a hit with my children - they love the characters and recite the book's magic chant regularly. It presents a unique, easily digestible storyline that effectively instills a growth mindset in kids."

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    Elliot Kessler, Sci-Fi author, Florida, USA

    "It teaches useful and practical tips for standing up to antagonists. My favorite part is definitely the end where Link talks with the bully and asks if he wants to play. It adds a human element to the bully character that I believe is essential yet often overlooked in children’s fiction."

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    Anna, Parent, Vancouver, BC

    "My son has been bullied in school. He is in Grade 1 and this story is perfect. Easy to understand and teach him how to respond."